Okay, so I keep on going on and off with blogs and posts and what not. This Word Press account marks the…let’s see… probably the third blog I have started within a year or so. Here’s a quick recap.

OM10 50mm 1.8 – the blog I did about my journey back into film. What happened? I got a job that requires me to be out and about working from 6:30am until about 8pm. Do I have time to walk around and do a “photo a week” blog let alone with a film camera that had a broken light meter? No. What happened to that blog? Delete button.

Plasteredwall – named after my livingroom/bedroom/kitchen (ah the perks of living in a studio apartment) wall that is “plastered” with ad tears from magazines. That seemed promising, really, since I read fashion magazines all the time and I always have something to say about the things that I see. What’s the problem then? I can write more about the negative things I notice than the positive things. It’s very easy to pinpoint “dislikes” about photos. I can go on and on about what I do not like about photos I do not like (or have something against) but I have very little to say to the ones I like since my appreciation is…what was that word I learned in one of my philosophy classes…”phenomenological.” Also, as my dear mother said, “if you do not have something positive to say, better to not say anything at all.” What happened to that blog? Abandoned. Forgotten. [Logs on in again] Yeah. The last post was back in April and it was about Coco Rocha’s Flare magazine shoot. Didn’t write much. Why? I simply love Coco. That’s it. Period. Nothing more. I’m not going to write flowery paragraphs on why I think she’s awesome. She just is. Might as well twit my ass off than blog if all I am only going to write nothing but, “I love Coco Rocha. She’s awesome.” “Caroline Trentini is hot.” “I would sell my soul to be Steven Meisel (insert html code to embed Meisel’s pic with his fashion muses).”

So now what. What’s with this blog? What will be new and what reason do I have to not neglect this? Zero expectations. That’s it. I’m not going to make like Amy Adams in Julie and Julia and vow to post one blog every day or two. I will write something whenever I feel like writing something. If I feel happy and bubbly because the new Elle issue arrive in my mailbox after a long day of holding a California Sun Swatter during a shoot in howling wind, then yes I will write. If I feel like crap because I lost a bid to some wedding guy wants to get his hands on shooting fashion stuff and charging only 25% of what I quoted, then I’m heading over to fmylife.com instead.

So…there’s that.

About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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