If I was to reap the fruits of labor, I reaped an entire orchard yesterday. The Summer Solstice shoot with Emily Delgado (model), Araxie Ashkharian (stylist), and Daisy Dennis (Hair/MUA) was in the mill for just over four months. Well, no, I didn’t need that long to plan something but it felt really good that have the entire plan realized. Developing the idea of doing a shoot involving babydoll dresses, rummaging downtown LA sample sales for almost over 12 consecutive Saturday mornings, coordinating with team members, looking for a inexpensive yet suitable location, steaming clothes, hauling equipment, all else involved with it has finally materialized itself into something to be proud of.

My day started at 4:30am and ended at about 8:30pm yesterday. In between was a 7-hour shoot with some of the most amazing and chill people I have ever worked with. While shooting, I was felt a bit weird that it was so relaxed. Too relaxed. Waaay too relaxed than the typical commercial job I do where I have to go through dozens of clothes and accessories in a couple of hours. On the playlist were all sorts of music from Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Spice Girls, The Sound of Music, etc. We told each other stories the entire day. We were all cracking up and laughing the entire time. It didn’t feel like work (which a very good thing, IMO). I never want my sets to feel like work.

So I get home and I downloaded the photos to my comp. A lot of them looked really cute and all but for a minute or two I felt that something was missing – some “mmmph.” Emily was amazing and all but the lighting and the background were too plain? Well duh….one light setup against a white backdrop…go figure. IDK. For a second I forgot that the beauty of an editorial shoot is, besides the sense of fulfillment for accomplishing a herculean task, the way all the shots come together and flow into one cohesive work of….amazingness.

Here’s the light table created from Aperture 2. Enjoy. I’m off to the beach (yes, Emily and Kim). Off to the beach at 6:40am so I can be gone by 10am. =)

Loves it. I’m looking forward to working on these. MUCH thanks to all involved. You all rock.

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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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