So I take pics for a women’s and junior apparel and accessories conglomerate. A couple of months ago I’ve been given the freedom to pick the outfits needed for the model shots for the accessories. We used to just stick with a gray, yellow, white, and black dresses and just rotate them accordingly depending on type of item being shot. Recently, our client wanted the pics to look more “magazine-like” and they expressed their extreme dislike on the dresses that were used. They told me that I can pick whatever dress or top I think would go well with the accessory. So yeah, I’ve been involved with styling more and more now. The company manager wanted me “study” styling. I peruse fashion magazines and fashion blogs on a daily basis so I figured I’d try something new. I found this program on the H&M website while browsing for pics (I ❤ you, Daria Werbowy) and I thought it’s really cool.

Here are the looks I came up with so far:

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About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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