So I did mention yesterday that I was going to write something about the “Wingardium Leviosa” shoot since I encountered a pretty significant challenge in its conceptual development.

English schoolgirl. Keyword: schoolgirl. How the hell am I going to recreate a school? William Wade, a photographer who hosts a seminar/workshop/meetup I attend to occasionally once talked about the NFL in photography. NFL = Near Far Line. It basically means you have to pay attention to the line from your lens to your subject to the background and everything in between. How does this relate to the shoot?

I planned on shooting at a school with big cavernous corridors/hallways. Problem? The model is going to look pretty lonely in there if no one else in that scene is wearing the same uniform. That extends to other scenes/locations. If she’s the only one in the entire editorial, it will be a rather sad story. What to do what to do? I am going to have to create a huge ass production if I am to outfit half a dozen people with English schoolgirl outfits. Moreover, HTH (how the hell) am I going to cast that many people as background/extras? Oh yeah, models (and people in general) do unpaid test shoots as background characters. Sure, maybe if I win the lottery I can produce something that big.

Solution 1: Find people who can collaborate with on this project. Standard production crew of hair stylist, makeup artist, stylist, models, and photo/fashion assistants are excepted. I’m talking about turning this in to a small movie kind of thing. Well, I do know someone who might be able to point me in the right direction.

Solution 2: Cast two models. This seems to be the least expensive and least demanding option. Sure, it’s not the perfect solution but it might work. A wide-angle hallway shot will look less pathetic if there are two models in the frame instead of one. Though the wardrobe stylist would now have to come up with more looks. Oh and which model shall be the “star” of the story? What to do what to do what to do.

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