I forgot why exactly I wanted to do such a shoot but it may have been the fact that I’ve been shooting jewelry and accessories for too long but I never really shot them with a human being. IDK. It could be that or it could be the fact that watch ads just look really cool.

So I set something up based on these pics I found of the internet:

Cast and Crew

Model: Bonni Mircovich – Otto Models

MUA: Karissa Lorinne

Shot at: Farm 39 Studios, Huntington Beach

Used this lighting setup:

And came up with something like these right out of the camera (ok, fine, + a few counts of definition and vibrance from Aperture 2):

Good job, ya’ll. Good job.

BTW, you like my stand-in? I’m quite proud of that, I must say. I looked around for something that resembles a human head and that the closest thing I found, okay. Don’t be hatin now. =)

Oh and Farm 39 studios is cool. It feels like a real studio. It’s just comfortable shooting there. Well it is a real studio…not something else converted to a studio.

Oh and this shoot is semi-dedicated to my brother who is an avid tennis guy. For real, Kevin. For real.


About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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