So I was doing a scouting rerun yesterday (yes, I visit locations multiple times to see how they react to different lighting conditions) and was at “that park” in the movie 500 Days of Summer. I was sitting on “Tom’s bench” figuring out what locations to shoot first for the “Uptown Girls” shoot and I saw a couple walk to my left. They stop and the guy drops to his knees. I look at them for about 5 seconds and then had this thought process:

OMG is he proposing right now? Awwww it’s cute. Oh wait…at this park though? I mean it’s kinda cute and all but 1) not original, 2) the park is such in bad shape at this moment, and 3) the lighting isn’t very romantic. OMG he’s really proposing – look at her she’s blushing and all! Should I take a picture? Hmmm….yeah I guess I should. Wait, what am I gonna do with it? Oh well maybe they’ll want one? Ok do they have another photographer covering this proposal behind the scenes [looks around for someone with a black camera with a long white lens hahaha!]Hmmm…no there isn’t anyone covering the moment. Ok I guess I’ll take a pic. [Starts opening camera bag]. Eh…my 14-54 is too short. Change to the 50-200? Nah, the guy’s back it towards me. Ok I can move to the side but if I do the guy’s face will be in complete shadow and it’ll look horrible. What’s the meter reading on this anyway? Flash? Eh maybe they don’t want someone intruding and ruining the moment. Awww look at her she’s so happy.

The guy gets up and they hug and kiss. Proposal over.

No, I do not have one single shot of that. ZERO. NADA. I didn’t even get to turn the camera on.

If I was a photographer covering constantly fleeting occurrences, this would be the epic fails of all the epic fails. Props ‘n Kudos to you people who work this field. I have NO IDEA how you do it.



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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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  2. I love this! Only you would think like that 🙂

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