So my best friend’s younger brother graduated from college with his girlfriend. It was an end of an era as they packed up and moved out of the apartment they shared with another friend. I came over to hang out and help a bit. We were talking about how there’s a lot of miscellaneous stuff around their place. Upon hearing that, I could not help but remember a line from the bridal registry scene from 27 Dresses. James Marsden was giving Katherine Heigl a hard time since she’s registering one casserole after another. She responds by saying, “This isn’t just stuff. These are the things that make up a life together.”

Well my friends’ situation is not quite the same a getting married but the point stays the same – all the stuff you have to pack when you move out (or unpack when you move in) is not just random crap – they are things that make up a life…YOUR life. Sure you dispose of certain things when you pack to move again but note that the article that you threw away was once part of who you are. You throw stuff, you keep stuff, and you transform yourself into a different person.

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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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