Suuuuuper long and tiring weekend.

Shot Saturday morning. 4 days of planning. 6:30am call time and the sun refused to show up and had the wind come instead. Flash+umbrella+wind = no bueno. Broke an umbrella during the session but pleased with what it was able to deliver. Had another umbrella at hand so the shoot went on. Here’s a couple of faves:

I’d post an outtake but that picture is actually one. We were preparing for the next look and I saw her looking away while zipping up her sweatshirt and dang that was the shot. Like seriously…at least for me. Do things right and the first shot just might be THE shot. It does not always happen but I believe that the more time you and everyone else involved prepare for the shoot, the more likely it is to happen. The subsequent shots are just “assurance” shots or “playing around” shots.


Another shoot on Sunday afternoon. The Delgado sisters (Amanda, Emily, and Megan) are prominent players in the Empire Pageant circuit in Southern California. They needed shots and that’s where I come in. I first photographed Emily for the Summer Solstice story then Amanda about three months later and now Megan too. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to collaborate with such amazing and spirited young women.

The Delgado Sisters (L-R): Emily, Megan, Amanda

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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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