…will NOT be a walk in the park.

New this week:

  • Finishing up a re-edit of one of the pics from the Sassoon shoot
  • Got about 200 sunglasses to photograph at work
  • Business dinner with a potential business partner on…hopefully Tuesday
  • “Campus Connection” shoot on Saturday from 8am till about 6pm
  • Business permit from the City of Huntington Beach
  • Privatization of my FB page
New next week:
  • Product shots for Rue Electric on Sunday
  • Computing and paying sales tax
  • Proofing, layout, and retouching the “Campus Connection” photos like a crazy person since it has to be turned in before the 30th
  • Agency Open House in the studio on the 30th (more details on this later)
  • Moving to an “almost beachfront” apartment on the 31st
And the search continues for:
  • New website solution
  • New print marketing materials solution (business cards, promo cards, etc)
  • More regular income stream for the studio
  • A new vehicle! My car (personal vehicle) barely goes 3 miles before overheating. Car or motorcycle? I hate using vehicles under my business account for personal use. Keep things separate, you know.

About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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