…it’s been so long that I almost forgot my login info for the blog. Not really. Just kinda. For like a split second.


So… I finally finished moving on Friday evening and have settled down and reorganized (partly). I moved to a place 3 blocks from the beach and 1 block from the Long Beach Art District. The purpose of the move is two-fold. First, so I can be closer to my element. Imagine all the shots that can be done by the beach as well as in downtown (art deco buildings, the marina, etc). Also, being closer to downtown and the art district should allow me to network a bit better. My previous place was pretty much smack middle of all the sorority and fraternity houses in LB. Oddly enough I haven’t been invited to any parties. Perhaps I work too much. Second, so I can ease up on the rental costs especially since I lease a block of time at Farm 39 Studios for both personal and paid projects. The amount I’m paying for both the new place and the shared studio is just a tad more than what I’m paying for rent alone at the previous place.

That said. It’s on. I’m ready for bigger and better projects. Bring it.

About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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