I never really paid that much attention to my high school classes. I mean I did but only because I needed to…well…graduate and get into a decent university. I thought that college is the place to learn the things you need for whatever field of work you choose to be in. I guess that was true years ago or should I say half a century ago when people’s college degrees and their occupations matched like pancakes and maple syrup.

I hated math. I sucked at math. The highest math grade I ever got in high school was like a C+. I didn’t memorize the multiplication table until I was about a year and a half out of college. What do I need to learn algebra for anyway? Factoring and logarithms? Who uses that in real life?

I went to college and studied philosophy and figured that I’d end up working in PR in case I decide not to go to law school. Who needs algebra in any of those fields? Now that I’m working as a photographer, I realized that those teeny weeny seemingly insignificant things I learned in high school count a lot.

I had an issue with this one website and I had to submit a bigger file than what they required so the image can survive being scaled up and scaled down to accommodate for different monitor sizes. The dimensions they require are 1680 x 1050. I wanted to submit a file that can survive being scaled to a 30″ monitor so I figured that I should just keep the native horizontal dimension of the file (3648 pixels) and just adjust the vertical. The aspect ratio (ratio of length and width) of the required dimensions is different than my camera’s so I needed to come up with a matching vertical measurement (x). Cross multiplication for the win.

My high school self never ever thought that I would use such thing in my working career and yet I use it more often than the parallel universe theory I learned from my advance metaphysics class in college.

Okay penmanship is another story lol ^_^

About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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