As I continue on with a life surrounded by photographers, stylists, designers, etc, I hear the word “creative” being uttered left and right.

“Oh she’s so creative. I love her.”

“I’m looking to connect with other creative people”

“You can take care of photography and I’ll take care of the creative stuff.”

Yeah that last one is reserved for another discussion. I kind of did not really want to use that word just cause it’s thrown around so much as to make it similar to the “L” word. For me it has become a mere “expression” rather than a word used for it’s actual meaning…kind of like “can I have a couple of hashbrowns” does not always mean, practically speaking, “can I have two hashbrowns”.

Sometime ago I was scheduled to shoot a line sheet for an apparel company. I got a call two days before the scheduled shoot date and was told that they still have not yet received shipment of the goods due to some weather condition in Asia (probably the same storm that ravaged Thailand). You know the “natural disasters or acts of God” thing in contracts? Yeah this delay is covered by that. Point is I’m already set to use the studio space and I hate not using it even though I don’t really lose a deposit or what not. I went there anyway and figured I can take care of paperwork or other photography must-dos that do not involve being behind a camera.

I start feeling a bit uneasy about two hours in. I came to shoot so I might as well shoot something. I realized there’s a liquor store across the street so I figured I’d mess around with high-speed flash photography.

Here’s one of the products of my boredom:

An acquaintance stopped by and was amused at what I was doing. He asked what the shoot was for and I said “nothing. I’m bored.” And there’s that. It hit me. That’s what being creative is about.

I forgot the exact technical details but the suffix “ive” signifies having the nature of.

Aggressive = having the nature of aggression

Destructive = having the nature of destruction

Creative = having the nature of creation/creating

Photographers, stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists, musicians, painters, designers, writers, etc are called creative people. Why is that? One reason – they love to (or supposed to) create. They like to make things be it photographs, outfits, paragraphs, songs, etc. As Chase Jarvis said in this interview, there is this need to keep doing whatever it is we’re doing. Paid, trade, or just out of sheer boredom, there is a need to be immersed in the process. It’s a “perfectly natural thing” for us. It’s like a code written in our DNA that says, “make stuff” the same way that a lion’s DNA has a code that says, “tackle a gazelle.”

(You’re way behind in your movies if you have not caught the past 2 movie references I just made lol)


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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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