So as mentioned in the previous post, creative people have this need to create all the time be it a paid commission, a trade, or sheer boredom. Ultimately, the first of the three is the ideal scenario. We all know that it’s not always the case. The good thing however is that there’s almost always something to learn. For example…

I’ve been under the impression that flash freezes motion. One of my photography instructors back in photo school once said that you can throw your camera in the air and your subject will be sharp (provided that focus is maintained) if you use flash. Okay so I know that strobes have flash duration ratings but I have not really paid that much attention to which models have which ratings. I thought that the best strobes are reserved to very specific subjects such as bullets or ninjas or what not and that any strobe out there can freeze your typical everyday movement. Well apparently the strobes in the studio (AB800) fall on the slower end of the spectrum.

Zoomed in on the shot glass:

That’s blurry. I think this was shot at 1/200th f14 ISO 100. The thing is that the lights were so close to the subject that I had to lower them down to maybe 1/8th or 1/16th power. Apparently the AB800 has a flash duration of 1/550 sec at 1/32th power. Now I’m not sure how fast it is at the power levels I used but one thing is certain – it was not fast enough to make clean crisp images. Note to self: be aware of the strobe’s flash duration whenever shooting something with motion.

I spent $6 on the sake, probably $3 for a can of Sapporo, $6 for 2 cans of Redbull, and $5 for 2 miniature Jager bottles. That’s $20 cost for images not fit for stock. I thought I’d do the shoot, spend the cash, and recover it by selling the images to a stock agency. It did not work out that way. It actually ended up being a financial lost. However, imagine the cost if I had to reshoot a paid commission with a “girl spills drink on creeper guy” scene because I carelessly used AB800s  instead of… say the Broncolor Scoro A4 (ok that might be a bit overkill but dare to dream, right ^_^)

Here’s the link to the AlienBees Spec Sheet for reference.


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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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