In life one must always continue to push forward to attain bigger and better things. Take it to the next level. Step it up. For better or for worse we are sometimes presented with an opportunity that is “beyond ourselves” (for lack of a better word).

Meet Guillermo. Guillermo works as an assistant for a pretty good high-end automotive photographer. When he’s not assisting, he spends his time perfecting his still-life photography skills. His master was invited at the launch of a new concept vehicle and he came along as well. He met several affluent people and their aides, exchanged cards, and had fun. Life went on.

A few weeks later, Guillermo got a call from the assistant of the CEO of car company X. They needed someone to come up with some documentary photographs on the assembly of vehicles and, having met and established positive rapport at the party, he was considered for the job. Guillermo was amped. This could be his big break. If he does the job right and makes the top brass happy, he could very well be commissioned to more of  car company X’s photo jobs…probably even their car ads. His cash camel has arrived! There is one problem. This is not exactly his cup of tea. Yes, he shoots vehicles but he does it in a very controlled environment. Shooting at the assembly line au natural is rather different than shooting in studio. Truth be told. He is not 100% confident that he can pull it off.

Should Guillermo take the job?

Assistant says that he needs to make a decision soon so they can proceed with booking the engineers’ flights from Hamburg. Oh smokes. They’re flying in the engineers. They’re spending money on their trip as well as their time away from the design headquarters.

Guillermo can take the job, cross his fingers, and go for broke. If he does well, he will seal the deal with the company and he just might be their new go-to advertising photographer. If he does not then he would have wasted their time, the cost of the engineers’ airfare and lodging, and the engineers’ time among other things. Worse he would lose his brownie points with the company and probably end up in their bad side. Adios prospects of future jobs. Sayonara referrals.

Once again…should Guillermo take the job?

About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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