Of course I had to share some of the presents I got for Christmas. I mean what kind of blogger would I be if I did not, right? ^_^

1. Hello Kitty USB

My sister got a 6-pack of beer that I eventually stole from her which then in turn got stolen from me. <facepalm> This seemed to be the next logical choice. I mean this plus the Snow White decal on my Macbook Air is just a killer combo ^_^

2. iTunes gift card

I support the arts and purchase music legally. Hey, we’re all in the same boat, yes?

3. ***** You corkscrew

‘Nuff said

4. Gap GC

The cool thing about Gap giftcards is that they come with this pouch thingy. Presentation counts and they rock at it. Yes, I’ll be using that pouch as a wallet sometimes. It fits my DL, credit/debit cards, and a roll of cash. Of course they blend perfectly with my 1969 jeans. I ❤ you Gap.

5. Trader Joe’s GC

My sister was nice enough to get me a TJ GC with enough funds for a week’s worth of groceries. Thanks, sissy.


Look how pretty it is! It matches their holiday campaign! I’m shooting tomorrow but perhaps I”ll head over to the mall to get some more jeans…or flipflops…or belts. IDK I love them all.

**Yes, I did kinda mention that I’d like GCs from my fave labels for Christmas just cause…well…just check out my post**

7. Baladeo 22-gram pocket knife

Saw this on Uncrate a while back and immediately wanted it. I needed a pocket knife that I can easily stash in my man purse just cause I think it’s good to have a good knife. They’re seriously practical. I have two multi tools with good knives in my camera bag. ‘Bout time my man purse gets it’s own. I got the smaller 22-gram one just cause it’s more compact and is enough for my purposes. I mean what do I cut…tags and frayed threads on garments, gaffer tape, paper…

Oh and just cause I know someone might be interested in what I’m purchasing with the iTunes GC…

Happy Holidays! ^_^

About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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  1. Buena Vistas says:

    I really like the new layout of your blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks ^_^ I need to tweak the colors – that’s what I’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve hahaha

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