So I once photographed a cross bracelet

and saw it on one of Aimee Song‘s Instagram posts. I was like, “wow our stuff (yes, I said stuff) hits the market fast!” So I Tweeted her about it mentioning that I shoot for an accessories wholesaler then she expressed her love for jewelry stores. For good reasons. She’s amazing at accessorizing. I have yet to find someone who can rock multiple arm accessories better than her.

Okay that was a lengthy introduction. I try to be flowery and descriptive in my posts. 4 years of philosophy undergrad taught me to be direct, succinct, and logical when it comes to writing. Life seldom is.

Moving on… The point is Aimee Song loves jewelry, blogging and posting outfit photos. However, walk around the fashion district in downtown LA and you’ll see signs that say “No Photos Allowed” in store. Actually it’s everywhere. I tried shooting a Black Friday news story once and had an extremely hard time getting shots since no store would allow photographs inside. I kinda understand why – they spend thousands of dollars in visual merchandising and store layout design. Why make it easily accessible to competitors by allowing photography inside, right? Then again all it takes is someone with a detailed photographic memory like Jason Bourne and the no photo policy is basically pointless. Still…people tend to not want you to take photographs inside. Some allow it if you ask but I found this one store that even welcomes it:

I was walking around when I saw their “Bloggers & Photographer friendly” signs and was like, “OMG Aimee would love this place!”

Beadshines has all sorts of ingredients for the avid custom jewelry maker and enthusiast. Lots and lots and lots to choose from. I walked around and had a totally new perception and appreciation on how artisan jewelry are crafted. I would not last a day doing that. I simply do not have the patience to nitpick all those intricate details. Kudos to y’all ^_^

Check them out on or better yet, if you’re in the area, stop by and pay them a visit cause they love photographers and bloggers…specially ones like Aimee Song ^_^

Oh and get 5% off when you follow them on one of the social media sites.

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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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