So my mom is part of this non-profit community group and her BFF “hooked me up” (I guess you can call it that) with the job of photographing everyone for a souvenir programme. Big non-profit organizations are one thing. Really small non-profit organizations are another…budget-wise at least.

I’ve spent the past four hours or working on the estimate. I started by pretending I had kinda unlimited budget (now won’t that be nice ^_^) and ended up with like $350 just on power packs and heads alone. Add the modifiers, backdrop, stands and it was well over $600. Add my creative fee on top of that. Yeah. No. Not gonna happen even if they bring every sub-group on board this project.

Okay. Play time over.

“Snap back to reality. Oh there goes gravity”

Yes. I just quoted Eminem.

Big budgets are fun. Small budgets are too but in a different way. One starts to be resourceful and start tapping into an entire library of information on how to do a certain task at hand.

Pro 7A packs are cool. I wouldn’t worry a thing about getting enough light for this group. At $65 a pack (2400ws) plus $20 per head times five groups of one head per pack, it seems overkill for a village-based community group.

What then?

Okay fine so maybe I don’t need 2400ws each head. Actually maybe I don’t even need a Pro7 pack at all (truth be told I first thought of going with Broncolor packs)! My go-to rental place does not rent any other Profoto pack besides the Pro7A and Pro7B but they referred me to two other rental places that do. A Profoto Acute 2R might be okay. Perhaps two of the D1 or the old Compact 600R would suffice. This is where reading up on equipment actually comes in handy. I went through the entire catalog, moved stuff around, considered different modifiers as well as mounting option and about 3 hours later…

Still not done. Gotta figure out if I want two softboxes/umbrellas on each side for the main light or if I should just do away with one huge light in the center. If I choose the latter, I gotta figure out if I’m gonna go for the Big Profoto umbrellas or the Elinchrom Octabank. We’ll see.


$321 is still probably high for the group. If they rally up all the other groups though…it just might work.

$27 difference on switching to Hensel Integras for the back/background lights? I’m not sure if Profotos and Hensels have the same color temperature. $27 is a small price to pay for color consistency (to me at least). Of course one is bound to tell me to consider if color consistency matters to the end users of these photographs. True. The typical person may not notice slight color shifts…but what if one of the members’ spouse is the art director for…IDK…Disney or WB? I want them to be happy too. Maybe I’ll eat the $27 price difference?

Kinda afraid of the 3 heads in one pack though. I’ve never done that before. I kinda feel like I’m gonna blow myself and my assistant up.

That’s done it. Time to go scout a location for a valentines day shoot. BRB.


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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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