Wow. 10 days since my last post. I apologize for I have been busy planning portfolio shoots. Summer is coming so agencies have been requesting beach shoots for their models – beach shoots that look wholesome and easy on the eyes. As my stylist friend said, we live in Southern California so every other photographer (who doesn’t do weddings or family portraits) shooting on the beach is doing a PlayboySwimsuit Illustrated, or other men’s magazine type of shoot (not that there’s anything wrong with those).

I thought of creating a Facebook page but I thought it doesn’t cost anything so why not. I proceeded in doing so only to get held back right at the beginning stages. Do I create an “Artist” page or a “Local Business” page? This now brings us to what I consider are two types of photographers – the Artist Photographer and the Entrepreneurial Photographer.

There’s this park overlooking the ocean a couple blocks from my place and every time I pass by I can’t help but notice this old school Canon. One day I decided to check it out intentionally and see if I can come up with some sort of shoot that incorporates it.

Now the artist photographer in me thought of doing something like this:

I know, my penmanship sucks (though in fairness this was written using a tablet).

I had this image of a gun captain pirate standing by the canon with his cutlass stretched out to sea. By the way the moon rises just behind those trees so it does add a bit of a cool effect that’s supposed to be enhanced by the strobe with blue gel.

Looks at the scene again.


The wall. The wall. It’s not real. It’s not genuine. 17th & 18th century naval gun emplacements did not have walls like that. They’ll be made out of different brick and will probably be higher and thicker…A LOT thicker. Oh and the grass too! That can be remedied by shooting a bit higher but the wall…the wall. This won’t do.


Pointless. I can get Captain Jack Sparrow himself up there and the shot still won’t look right just because of the wall.

Now the entrepreneurial photographer would see this as an opportunity for sales especially during halloween season. I mean who doesn’t want pirate shots, right? There’s gotta be at least a handful of people out there who would pay for such photo, and they could care less about the non-authentic wall.

They could care less. I on the other hand do care so I’m not even going to bother doing it.


Artist profile it is.

Like” my page.


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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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