I was browsing the internet sometime ago and came across this “How To” article about starting your own photography business. Apparently in order to do so, one must acquire the following:

Item 1: a decent camera

Item 2: Photoshop

Item 3: a set of Photoshop Actions

I never looked further into that article because I’ve always thought of purchased Photoshop actions as a way to “stylize” an image as opposed to actually processing it from RAW (it’s becoming more evident that I’m still stuck in the film workflow). I got a random email from TRA (Totally Rad Actions), a really popular actions company, last week and I kinda sorta went, “hmmm…let’s see what this fuss is about.”

Downloaded a trial pack of TRA and loaded actions in Photoshop

Shot some random images of Emma who I used to work with at the ‘ol catalog house. All images shot with an Olympus E510 and 50mm f2 macro lens.

Process RAW files in Capture One then export



Forget mixing channels, forget dealing with blend modes, forget figuring out the difference between opacity and fill, forget about the amount-radius-threshold settings of USM, forget everything you knew about Photoshop and just select an action then press the play button on the actions panel.


Okay so it may or may not appeal to everyone but the point is that it definitely has this stylized look that everyone on Pinterest swoons over.

Now take your camera, go to the proverbial field with an engaged couple, have the girl wear a white dress and cowgirl boots, get them to kiss and hold a “She Said Yes” sign. Lights, camera, action. Congratulations, engagement photographer.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not hatin. I actually will use a set of purchased actions (probably from TRA) when I shoot at my best friend’s wedding. They’re actually available as Lightroom Presets for those who want to use them in a more streamlined program. Hmmm….I wonder if they’re available for Capture One haha.


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I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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  1. Light, camera and actions. There are use in the start of the photo click. It is mainly focus on attractive image.

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