13 days since my last post. Taylor Swift would be proud ^_^

I opened an Etsy store in order to sell stuff I have lying around here like clothes and shoes that I purchase for shoots but cannot wear (for obvious reasons) and won’t use again because I don’t like having the same outfit in 2 photos in my portfolio.

But alas Etsy only allows handmade or vintage goods. I do have some of those in stock but not much since I got the vintage category covered by stylists. So, in light of that, I figured I’d put up something that I have in serious excess of – empty film cartridges.

They’re up for sale on Etsy. Click <—— to be directed to the product page.

Available in either Kodak or Fuji. Please do note that the actual film canister model may vary from the photo. It’s kinda impractical to photograph every single variant of Fuji Superia or Kodak Gold film. Just think of it as “yellow” and “green” film cartridge keychains lol.

I got more than 400 empty cartridges here so I figured I might as well do something with them. These might be of interest for photo friends. Sorry but the keychains made from cool film are special order only ^_^ Read: Portra, Tri-X, Sensia, etc


About Carlo

I like film photography, K-pop, and yogurt soju.

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