Birthday Wishes

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to one of my fave models EVER – Emily Delgado! Stay awesome, Em ^_^



Sh*t Girls Do (ft Ashley Green)



Model Luv Monday: Coco Rocha Tribute

What’s not to love? She continues to be an inspiration to me and to others as well. Much <3, Coco. Much ❤ to you. ^_^

Circa 2009

Went through all the folders in my disks and came across this image – the first shoot I got paid for.

Kids’ Sunglass Shoot

Did a quick lifestyle shoot last weekend and the image is up on company website.

Too Cute Not To Share

I went to an origami festival yesterday to research on a particular shoot element when I came across a Tanabata Display. Long story short, it involves people writing their wishes on a colorful strip of paper and then hanging them on decorated (in this case with origami) bamboo trees/plants. It’s kind of an “awwwww” moment to see people’s wishes. Here’s to wishing every one a good week. Enjoy the collection of wishes that are not about world peace or something (not that those are bad wishes) ^_^


My fave was the baller-taller-call her one….and the real Pokemon ^_^

Zombie Apocalypse Photo Storage & Viewer

You know it’s bound to happen, right – zombie apocalypse or Judgement day or rapture or whatever you wanna call it.

Your iPhone won’t cut it anymore. I doubt even your RAID 0 drive will work. If those electronic devices don’t get destroyed by EMP (think Judgement Day), they will be rendered useless from the lack of electricity at that point in time.

What do you do? You don’t print pics anymore and you already digitized/scanned all your old ones (and threw away the prints cause apparently print is dead). How are you all gonna look at those precious pics of yours?

I offer thee a solution – The Zombie Apocalypse Photo Storage & Viewer.

Made from color reversal (positive film), this allows up to 36 images to be stored and viewed in a compact analog device. You can view the pics as long as you have a working light source and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or survival pack. It’s the perfect way to carry and view your photos in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Or you can use these as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, or any sort of gift to anyone who likes pictures.

Click here to purchase on Etsy. By “purchase” I really mean order cause I have to make it from pics that you’ll be sending.

Photographers Who Use Dropbox Might Want To Read This

It helps to make sure that your clients/customers (whatever you want to call them) know how to save files properly.

This does not work:

because all it does is save that small thumbnail image that happens to to be:

at a puny 178 x 178 pixels.

You might want to make sure that they click the image they want and save the actual file using the download button on the bottom right part of the screen/window:

Because nowadays, due to the proliferation of certain things (rant to come later… I promise), you just cannot trust that the image you delivered will be used the way your client had intended… and it might not be their fault.

Cat and Background Paper

You know it’s cute

4th of July Model Luv: Angela Lindvall

Happy 4th, readers! Here’s one of my all time faves Angela Lindvall looking all-American in this shot from US Elle

Angela Lindvall by Yelena Yemchuck in US Elle, May 2010